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Returning Customers

It’s was an incredible feeling when Simone, reached out to me on Instagram inquiring about my Superman photograph. She was one of the first people to brighten up my day by buying that photograph. She talked about making a Rhode Island-themed wall in her home. I thought that was brilliant. What better way to support artists while honoring the city you call home. We communicated through Instagram which was so seamless. She was a pleasure to chat with!

After I placed the order she wasn’t done with me. She needed to know what other PVD photographs I had laying around my AS220 studio. There was so much excitement. I must have sent her 10 or so photographs and she picked out the long exposure photograph of the Providence Power Plant.

A week later The Superman photo came in the mail and I had the power plant photograph ready. In most cases, clients come by and pick up the prints and jet off to their next destination. However, Simone and I were chopping it up outside my studio! We talked for maybe twenty minutes about drone photography and our backgrounds as artists. It was such a pleasure to meet someone off of Instagram and in REAL LIFE! No need to hide behind a screen when you can meet someone for the first time and talk about your passions.

Approximately one month later my drone was caught in a rainstorm by the pedestrian bridge. However, the sky was gold and a double rainbow covered the PVD skyline. I grabbed the shots and threw them on Instagram knowing it would be a popular PVD photograph. What I didn’t realize was that Simone would hit me up on Instagram, asking for a METAL print this time. These metal prints are the cream of the crop of prints. The fact this photograph was a shot during a rainy sunset made it that much more meaningful for Simone. I messaged her back immediately. It was an amazing feeling when she told me she’s going to put that Rainbow Metal Print in the center of her PVD-themed art wall! That is so incredible.

In the end, I’m thankful for creating meaningful connections with a stranger, build a seamless line of communication and have a returning customer by making us both passionate about the city we live in! What are you passionate about?

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