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Out of the Loop!

I caught one of the WILDEST photos this week! It was a busy week for sure! I didn't have enough time to sit down and keep everyone updated. I guess I wanted to keep my viewers on their toes if I didn't post a new blog in a while!

When I pulled up for this shot in downtown PVD, Rhode Island, I was concerned about flying my drone in the city. Especially with birds, wind, antennas knocking the drone out of the sky. There were a few close calls but we won and I went home with this beauty!

We stopped by the Rhode Island State House in Providence for some more close-up detailed shots. I'm not crazy about this particular piece of architecture. However, it's still amazing to share detail we can't see with our own eyes!

There was a beautiful, moody, and foggy morning in Providence, RI earlier this week. I woke up at 6:00 am for this adventure. This time I went to Crook Point to capture this big mood! It was a great time capturing something new, the fog and gloom. These tones seriously remind me of the movie, The Ring. Pretty eerie, amiright?

Lastly, I helped my buddy Jason Allard with a new episode of Abandoned From Above! Jason is a dope filmmaker! He captures abandoned places too but he goes in-depth and teaches his viewers about the history where he shoots! He's asked me to come out on three assignments and grab drone footage, b-roll, and help on set. This one is on the old bank facade in PVD. I did not know about the history and Jason executed this video. Thanks for the quick History lesson, Mr. Allard! Honestly, thanks again for these small but meaningful assignments buddy, keep up the hard work! Go check out Jason Allard HERE.

I'm running out of content, for now, check back soon for new adventures, client work, and projects! I hope you all have a dope weekend! Talk soon!

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