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No One Said it Was Going to Rain!

Staring out the window of my AS220 studio in downtown Providence, RI I noticed some cloud action. I thought to myself, "Damn, we're going to have a nice sunset!".

I packed up my DJI Mavic Pro and jumped into my car and drove over to the new pedestrian bridge in Providence, Rhode Island. Honestly I don't even see why the city built this thing, but once that sun hit I was like, "Shoot, it actually does look pretty!". When I first arrived the clouds were not looking great! I was really bummed out about this!

Then then it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was gold, everything and everywhere. It was like someone has washed a sepia tone filter over the sky. The world was changing. My drone was up in the air capturing the cities golden view.

Then it started to rain! I was so worried about having my drone caught in the rain. Like I was panicking! I was trying to find it in the sky but no luck! I was able to fly it back down, sure enough I could've hit the Return to Home Button but why not a little panic! I thought I was going to be jumping in that disgusting water to retrieve my drone if it fell out of the sky. Only because I need to return the drone for my insurance to cover it!

Then a rainbow appeared and I needed to get back in the air to grab those beautiful shots. I knew if I could capture the rainbow from a vantage point we humanly couldn't capture the world would be amazed!

In the end it was a beautiful sunset in Providence , Rhode Island. I won't forget that flight! You can purchase a copy of the rainbow here!

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