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Historic Mill Dating Back to 1843

Hey guys! @filmmakerdave here and I bring to you a new drone video. Just a little about me, I am a filmmaker and photographer from Providence, Rhode Island. I've been flying my drone around historic and abandoned buildings and houses. I really love architecture this is also a part of the "Final Act of Preservation", the title came from my friends Nate and Jess, who showed me a really beautiful abandoned mill!

It was a fun adventure! I was trying to find a way down to the mill but I gave up after a few failed attempts. I got a couple of scrapes and was attacked by a throne bush. Big shout out to the older man that led me down to those thorn bushes! I found a decent spot to launch my drone and those birds were loving the drone!

Big shoutout to Cara and Bob for the drop. Thank you Jason Allard for inspiring me to get that tilt-shift effect rolling! Check Jason out here!

Thank you for watching, follow me on Instagram for more photos! :)

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