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Finding Mills!

If you know me you know I love Historic Mills! Why? We'll save that for another post! But for now, check out my new flight! Historic mills are a beauty of its own :)

Here's a quick update, I went driving around looking for historic mills yesterday. The first set of mills I had my heart set on we're actually long gone. My friend, Cara, said they were knocked down months ago! That made me so sad. I was in awe sitting in the McDonalds parking lot after hearing the sad news. I gasped so loud my friend Karmina wasn't able to order her chicken nuggies in the drive thru, sorry Karmina!

That didn't stop the drive and will. I knew there were more mills out there I've never discovered. It didn't take long! I came across a couple brick and stone mills! I even documented a nice mill that was renovated into living spaces. I normally just shoot abandoned mills but the clock tower was topshelf! It was a successful flight! I realized I need to get more batteries for my Mavic Pro, I feel like I could've gotten more shots and different perspectives!

Thank you guys for following the journey and I hope you enjoy the newest YouTube video. Please subscribe to see more :)

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