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Abandoned State Hospital Drone Adventure

I was laying in bed messaging my friend Cara and we were talking about flying our drones. I expressed how I wasn't 100% in love with the joint because it's all boarded but but she made a valid point!

"You should still fly there. It's only a matter of time before it gets sold. Shoot anything and everything you can. Especially when it comes to abandoned stuff"

At that moment I said, "alright we're going to shoot there, now!". I hopped in my car and drove out there.

When I got there I was thinking where do I start? I was lost and confused. This was so so much different than shooting one mill. This was like a college campus. Too many buildings to shoot and not enough battery life! At that point I just walked around until I found architecture that pulled me in! Below is my flight and I hope you guys enjoy it :)

There's more ways to follow my journey. Smash any link below to keep in touch!

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